Laura playing Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” for Charlotte the Pig.

Charlotte the Pig - My Inspiration for Dinner Music

I have never forgotten that hot summer day on Toronto Island playing flute for Charlotte.  She may not be with us anymore,  but there are so many farmed animals who deserve to see daylight, hear music and live free.  Dinner Music is dedicated to all the voiceless animals who need our help.

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Humane treatment is essential.

Our mission is to share the emotional lives of farmed animals. Animals did not choose a life of being born and raised to be killed. From birth to their final day of slaughter, life is cruel - no sunshine, no music, no freedom to move, and unfair and inhumane treatment.

The plight of factory-farmed animals is horrific and tragic.

One thing animals have in common with human animals is fear. Cows cry when their babies are taken from them at several weeks. Race horses and leisure horses may end up on the dinner table. Crowded chickens on slaughter trucks suffer beyond our imagination. Pigs have nausea and car sickness like humans and their transport can be over a day without food or water. Many animals arrive dead, injured or helpless at the slaughterhouse.

We will raise awareness about the inhumane treatment of farmed animals. Together we can  make a difference. Your donations are gratefully accepted to bring this documentary film into reality.

Thank you in advance, from their unheard voices.

Laura Nashman

Rescued Pig – Flute Lullaby In The Straw

Rescued Pig shows its open ears and heart listening to flute lullabies.

Rescued Horses Love The Flute

Rescued Horses at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary enjoying the sound of the flute.


Rescued Rooster Has A Great Musical Ear

Rescued rooster challenges Laura with a mighty call and response duet!

Rescued Pig Has His Own Taste in Music

Rescued pig at Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary definitely has his own musical taste! Pigs are some of the most intelligent animals, with feelings, individual personalities and preferences. Humane treatment is vital. Moments like this will be featured in the upcoming documentary, Dinner Music. This movie shows us the importance of giving all animals humane treatment and a voice

Rescued pig at Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary has his own musical taste!


Cute Piglet Has An Appetite For The Flute

This cute piglet was rescued and lives at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.

Rescued Pig Loves Flute And Watermelon

Rescued Pig delights in his love for watermelon and flute music!


Animals Deserve Humane Treatment

Laura Nashman is a Canadian, award-winning flutist and music producer. For over 30 years, she has been recording, producing music and helping animals.

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Animals have emotional lives-feel pain and joy. Sadly, millions a day suffer unnecessary pain from birth to death. They deserve humane treatment.

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Dinner Music will include interviews with animal welfarists, farm sanctuary owners and volunteers, plus footage of animals responding to the flute.

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See pictures of animals animals living free, happy lives in farm sanctuaries in Canada and other animal rescue locations. Pictures are from  from 2016 to 2017.

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